First squad done - except for Sarge

Hi dudes.

I've glued the last shoulder pads on my guys tonight, and the first 9 marines are done. The Sarge will have to wait a bit, until I feel  more at home with GS and can do him justice. Anyway, here are some pics of the nine (oh, lord of the rings :P). They are not the best tough, since I've moved and didnt manage to steal my girlfriends camera, so they are taken in kinda poor light with my iPhone. On to the pics:

There are some touch-ups to do to get them all ready for primer, but they are easy and quick to do. Hope you like 'em. I'll try to add another squad soon, but my wallet is kinda thin after moving, so we'll see how that turns out. At least I can get them painted after I find some sand in this darn weather. -10 degrees C is not good :(

Until next time,

- Natanael


Mock-ups and some pics of the disaster-battle


I've started putting arms on my Legion, so far only with bluetac. This squad will get a Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun and a Sarge/Champ with Lightning Claw. Mostly because that is what I had in my bitz pile that was easy to apply. Maybe they'll get moved around in the squads later, when I get a larger army.

Here are some pics of how they look so far, held with blue-tac:

I like the Heavy Bolter guy best myself, but the LC guys is not to bad either. Maybe he will be promoted to HQ or something later on, who knows :P They need shoulder pads as well, to gain some bulk, but right not I dont have any so I'll have to visit a store to get my hand on some. Maybe I should try making moulds of the pads, to make them out of green stuff or grey stuff. Dunno if that will work, but worth a try I think.

Here are also some pics of the disaster battle I told you about last post:

"Lysander" aka Arjac lands with his duded next to my TWC, kill two and then they run right off the tabel. Happy, happy me.


- Nat


The Legion grows.

So, this is as far as I've been able to go with the next guys for my AL. Hopefully I'll have an entire squad ready for paint by the middle of next week. Maybe more then that, if I manage to get hold of some more bits. Anyway - this is my progress so far:

IN the background you can see my piles of arms, bolters, swords and other equipment. They are yet kind of small, but hopefully they'll grow soon. 


- Natanael


The Imperial Death Chickens

Well, yesterdays game did not go as expected, really. It turned out to be Space Wolves vs. Space Wolves, tough we had quite different armies. I'll not go into much detail because of the horrible first turn that my opponent had. That is, horrible for me. He dropped Arjac and a bunch of WGs in a pod righ beside my TWC and ran them off the board right away (he went first, so they did nothing). In the same turn he halved my missile launcher pack, exploaded a rhino and wrecked another. All in all, my mobility was now a couple of speeders and a rhino, and I had arjac and friends right in my midst. To make matters worse, next turn I failed to kill arjac, so he butchered one of mu GH squads. All falling apart, I did some shooting and killing, but nothing that could make up for my early losses. A bit of bad setup on my part and good dice on his made it a shot, but bloody affair. 

BUT - other news :P While browsing B&C I came across the Cult of Orange, and found a rather funny pic of the Imperial Death Chickens. So enjoy:

All credit goes to Kurgan the Lurker for making this epic chapter and this epic marine =D 

Now I'll go read some more Wheel of Time. 


- Natanael


Battle report vs. Death Guard

Hi guys.

As I said yesterday (I think) here is a quick report of the battle I had against a friends deathguard. I'll go from the pics and from what I remember, so some stuff might get more in-depth focus, but hey - human mind ;) The lists were made on the spot, just to have a game, so they might be a bit off regarding points and equipment.

The army lists were 1750p, something like this:

Space Wolves

Logan Grimnar
Lone Wolf with TDA, Power Weapon and Storm Bolter
2x10 Grey Hunters with 2x Melta gun, Mark of the Wulfen and Rhino
10 Grey Hunters with 2x Plasma gun, Mark of the Wulfen and Rhino
2x2 Land Speeders with two heavy bolters each
5 Thunderwolves with Storm Shield, Power Fist, Bolter, Meltabomb (one each)
6 Long Fangs with five missile launchers
6 Long Fangs with five heavy bolters

Death Guard

Daemon Prince with Wings, Warptime and Mark of Nurgle
4x7 Plague Marines with various equipment. All in Rhinos with Daemonic Possesion.
Vindicator with Daemonic Possession
Predator with Lascannon turret and heavy bolter sponsors
2 Obliterators

I think that is all, really. Now that I look at it I feel that I had a much larger army, but I didnt feel that at the table, so I might have forgotten some of his stuff. We'll see. The mission was 3 objectives that we placed along a line in the middle. The one to the sides was worth 250 VP and the middle one 500 VP. Secondary objective was just regular VP, killing stuff :P

This first pic is at the start of his turn 2, I think. You can see that in the bottom corner I've got a rhino and some Speeders to keep the objective safe. There is also a squad of Long Fangs on the upper floor, but they ate plasma cannon from his oblits and were reduced very quickly to just 2-3 members. You can see that he is advancing with two rhino squads against the objective on the left (ignore the guys standing at the edge of the table, they are in a rhino), and I have immobilised the one with the open hatch. The pic below shows my ruin better.

Below you can see his advance on the left, with (from left to right) Oblits, Vindicator, 2x Rhino Squads and a Predator. You can also spot half his prince, and my TWC doing an all out charge on the rhinos. I managed to immobilise both with shooting in my turn 2, so the charge killed them off and forced the PMs into the open, more or less. The TWC died next turn, tough :P The Prince killed two, and then the rest went down to shooting or Power Fists, sadly. They did their job tough, kinda.

His oblits. One is a traitor Grand Master of the Grey Knights. Whoever said that they dont fall to chaos was clearly wrong ;)

Here you can see the "Quarterback" a.k.a the Lone Wolf tyring to get to the PMs for some smashing, but he ate Vindicator to the head two times and was killed :(

Below is my very slow advance on the rightmost objective. He had no chance of claiming or contesting when I stopped the rinos, unless he wanted to kill off his PMs while trying. This is turn four, as you can see on the large dice that is supposed to be full of dice :).

The pic below is from turn 3 or 4, when he moved up his rhino a bit more. He was already withing 12" of my two plasma guns in the ruin, so it oly gave him a little extra move. My Speeder-positioning here actually wrecked his rhino, that is why he is out and about.. I managed to whittle down that squad quite a bit with my other Speeder squad later, until they got a vindicator shot right at them.

My right flank, bearing the brunt of his advance, and most of my stuff as well. The middle objective, right next to his vindicator, was later almost taken by a lone PM Champ, until I managed to contest it with my Speeders.

Turn four or something, the whole board.

The pics end here, and the game did as well, almost. We played until turn 6, but there was not much any of us could do for the objectives. I managed to kill the vindicator, and that made the total kill score this:
DG killed: 512,5 points
SW killed: 510 points

Included in that is the objectives, were I got 250VP and he got 0, thanks to my GHs staying in the combat on the left flank, on the objective, and my speeders contesting the middle one. Moral victory to me then, but it ended a draw :(

Hope you enjoy.

- Natanael


Tourney plans

Well, now that I am getting settled in my new place, I should start this blog all over again. Got some true scale stuff in the works, as well as my Thunderwolf counts-as soon to be painted. I am also thinking about attending a few tournaments this spring, taking my wolves there as I probably wont have time or money to finish my Alphas to any of them. I had a battle today with a friend and he told me about a tourney called "Vinterslaget" that is coming up in a few weeks. I promised to have a look at it and see if I can still join in the killing, so I'll do that. And other then that there is the two large tourneys later this spring, Gothcon and Sydcon, that will see me attending. Hopefully I'll be able to win some games this time ;)

Anyway, I'll post some pics from the fight I had today, and hopefully some from the one I'm gonna have tomorrow. So stay tuned, and now I'll really try to keep this blog going.


- Natanael


Got started again

So, I started another five guys as you might have seen from the legs I made. Now they've had a bit more work done to them and some Mk IV-plates or something is coming along nicely. Mixed in a little to much blue in the GS, so it seemed to catch fingerprints a lot easier then usually, but I think I managed to get most of them away with the sculpting tools. Now they just need some belts and then the arms and heads are ready to be glued. I need some more arms/heads tough, so I might have to wait with that and just go ahead and make another 5 bodies ready while I wait.

Here is a pic:

Taken with my iPhone, so not that good a camera, but since it is just a WIP I figured it will work just fine. I'm moving in a week, so will probably not have that much time to do much until then, but we will see. Gonna try to keep the updates coming now that I have started again after Kenya. 


- Natanael