First squad done - except for Sarge

Hi dudes.

I've glued the last shoulder pads on my guys tonight, and the first 9 marines are done. The Sarge will have to wait a bit, until I feel  more at home with GS and can do him justice. Anyway, here are some pics of the nine (oh, lord of the rings :P). They are not the best tough, since I've moved and didnt manage to steal my girlfriends camera, so they are taken in kinda poor light with my iPhone. On to the pics:

There are some touch-ups to do to get them all ready for primer, but they are easy and quick to do. Hope you like 'em. I'll try to add another squad soon, but my wallet is kinda thin after moving, so we'll see how that turns out. At least I can get them painted after I find some sand in this darn weather. -10 degrees C is not good :(

Until next time,

- Natanael

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